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We, the Indian sales and marketing professionals, who have ever searched or checked digital marketing training or course in google, must have seen the ad for Digitaldeepak.com.



Then some of us might have clicked on it and later on re-targeted in social media multiple times till we checked in further and subscribed to the blog Digitaldeepak.com.



While going through the blog post we come to know about many mastery classes and specialized courses that are being offered in the portal. But among them the program called Digital Deepak Internship Program is really unique and exceptional.


This Digital Deepak internship program, perhaps the only training program available in Indian online training industry, where we get to learn and earn back the course fee by applying the lessons we learnt in the program.


 Even showing some sincerity and engagement one can get cash back more than what they paid for the internship program. As per the mentor Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju, the cash back model is introduced to encourage the students, who enrolled for the course to complete the lessons and test their knowledge in the practical field.


Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju, a Civil Engineer turned Digital Marketer, Author, Mentor & Entrepreneur, started his journey as a motorcycle blogger and then he joined several startups as digital marketing manager and gradually started his DM agency Pixeltrack.com and his mentorship journey. He chose a mission to teach others and  create 10 million digital marketers globally. We can learn more about Deepak Kanakaraju on this link.

 Deepak observed that the courses which are being sold on his portal digitaldeepak.com are not getting completed by all the students. Only 5% to 6% of the enrolled students actually completed the course and this triggered him to think of some alternative way. 

 He came up with the unique idea of incentifying students who complete the course and even further encouraged them by allowing membership into Digital Deepak Club, a premier group of Digital Marketers, where members can access premium digital marketing tools, software etc. at cheaper rates. Digital Deepak Internship Course has lifetime access to all its students via LMS Portal.

Digital Deepak Internship Program Fee


The Internship fee is revealed on the welcome webinar to all the shortlisted candidates. It ranges between 15 to 20k and it is payable once.  Considering the course quality, we must say the fee is really cheaper among other such available course in market. But the best part is that with cashback facility with every completed assignment we get back the complete course fee  and even more i.e. 25k given to best 25 students.

The cashback amount is given once we submit the assignment and it gets approved. Even if the assignment gets rejected, we get repeated chance to resubmit it after rectification. We also get up to 30 days timeline to submit the assignment from the day it is published and detailed instructional video on how to complete it. We can transfer the cashback amount  from our LMS portal to our bank account very easily.


 Till now 12 batches are being conducted and approximately more than 6000 students enrolled for the internship program so far. Some of the students have joined a job as Digital Marketer, Some started their agency and Some others are applying for lessons in their existing business or professional field.

 The Digital Deepak Internship Program spreads over 12 weeks, with each week dedicated to each particular lesson plan. The program is designed in such a way that a student will initially build a foundation of his understanding, then he will get a clear picture of his purpose or objective and then step up to achieve the target. Each week’s lessons are followed by compulsory assignments with clear step by step instructions on how to complete the assignments. There is also a Question and answer session conducted every week to clear any doubt or issue related to the lessons.


Week 1 – Success Mindset


 In the 1st week’s lesson we set our mind for success. To become a successful person, only learning new skills will not suffice. We need to think differently to come out with innovative solutions. With a positive mindset we must try to upgrade ourselves to dream big and have high standards of life. A truly successful person is not only financially stable, but he is also healthy and he possesses ethical values and good habits. Deepak guides us to change our thought process and how, by changing certain habits or lifestyle we can improve us and continue the development. According to him every person should follow these simple steps.


Week 2 – Marketing Fundamentals


 We learn the basics of Marketing in the 2nd week’s lesson plan. We also learn why marketing is the most important part of any organization and how it starts before product creation. It is important for all marketers to have good Communication skills and a basic knowledge of Global economics. Digital marketing is not just a subject of digital tools, but a new application of marketing knowledge. Unlike Traditional Marketing, Digital marketing is measurable and the audience can be targeted precisely, which helps in overhead cost reduction. In this marketing method, we can have two way communication which is very helpful to understand market requirements. Personal Branding is another concept which is described in this lesson. The concept is really eye opener.


Week 3 – Discovering Your Profitable Niche 2.0


 It is really crucial to select any particular niche and become an expert in it. We may be fascinated about being a person who knows a lot of things but in the real world no one pays to be the jack of all trades. Everybody prefers to get solutions from an expert and they are ready to pay for the service. If we think we are good at multiple subjects and we can become an expert in all of them, then we are wrong as it takes a lifetime to master any particular subject. The 3rd week lesson teaches us some practical techniques of selecting our niche according to our passion, talent and market demand. It can be even changed later on, but we must select any at first and start working on it.


Week 4 – Creating Your WordPress Blog


 We learn to set up our own WordPress blog in our 4th week’s lesson. As we create the blog, we experience every practical hurdle from conceptualizing, to domain choosing & hosting purchase, then designing the website using custom themes and setting up the menus & widgets. We also learn about many free and paid plugins & extensions that can make our job much easier. We can choose the trial version of most of the such additional tools, to check how that actually works.


Week 5 – Becoming the King of Content


 Many times we hear that content is the most important part in any website. And we learn that only in the 5th week’s lesson of the program called King of Content. In this lesson we come across the factors that constitute a content and how we can create or assemble a content to influence a decision making. There are options to become a freelance content writer, which is a good career option. We get to learn some about that also in brief.


Week 6 – Social Media & Networking Mastery


 In the lesson of week 6, we learn the importance and techniques of creating our own social network or tribe on our own platform. Building a tribe and nurturing them is the art of networking mastery. In the long run our own network will compound if we give value to them. We can use other social media to get traffic into our network, but we need to take control of our tribe and growth.


Week 7 – Lead Generation and Email Marketing


 Lead generation is an important task for any business to sustain and grow. In Week 7 we learn about the steps to Lead generation using various digital tools available online. We always need fresh traffic from customers, because whatever we do, some of the customers will always be drained in the long run. Email marketing is very helpful in getting new customers and keeping in touch with the existing customers. We also learn about drip marketing and how sequencing follow up mails can increase our lead base.


Week 8 – Mastering Facebook Ads


 Facebook, being the world’s best social media platform, is a very good source of traffic or leads. And advertising on this platform really helps in brand awareness and lead conversion. Facebook ad or campaign has multiple tracking or retargeting features about which we get a working knowledge in Week 8 lesson plan of Digital Deepak Internship Program.


Week 9 – Mastering Google Ads


 Then in Week 9, we get lessons on Google ads. Unlike Facebook ads, google ads are more appropriate for targeting audiences who are more likely to be interested in the product or service that we are advertising for. Google is the best search engine across the world and a good marketer can get very good results using google ad tools.


Week 10 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


 Search Engine Optimization, another important lesson given in Week 10, where we understand how a website or its content can be optimized to get good organic traffic.  A combination of such traffic with paid traffic campaigns can reduce the overall cost of getting customers. There are some techniques of on page and off page keywords optimization and we learn some of those useful techniques in this lesson.


Week 11 – Deep Marketing Automation


 Marketing automation is another field, where Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju has expertise. We learn about Deep Marketing Automation in Week 11. The CATT(Content, Attention, Trust, Transaction) funnel, which according to Deepak, is the best method of acquiring customers; is really useful in getting loyal customers. The Sales & Marketing techniques combinedly with automation lead us to the future era of business.


Week 12 – The Natural Sales Method


 Last week or week 12’s lesson plan shows us the power of natural sales and how it can lead us to growth in a natural way. This lesson is very interesting in a way that teaches us how to influence or persuade people or even our closed ones to do what we want them to do. Sales is the ultimate challenge in any business and without which we cannot fuel the entire organization to run. Sales skills are not inherited but can be learnt.


To conclude the review we must say if we really want to improve our skills and learn by practically applying the lessons, the Digital Deepak Internship Course is the best option for us. As discussed earlier Digital Deepak Internship Fee is practically nil as we get the chance to earn back the entire course fee and even more provided full dedication to the training program. The Digital Deepak Internship Program is a perfect way to learn digital marketing and move your skills to the next level. To explore further we may check digitaldeepak.com or search in google for the feedback of the Digital Deepak internship program from ex interns. 

I, Monoj Roy, a batch 12 intern of Digital Deepak Internship Program, have created this blog monojroy.com on WordPress platform using the lessons that I have learnt in this course.


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