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Following are some objective truths, that I believe to be true.


This Mahagyani has pills for every pain.

It can answer all your questions. Whatever comes to mind, whatever you want to know. Just Google it.

But you need to be clear on what you want to know and what to type.


Money, the Mahabalban factor of Human Life. You have it and most of your wishes come true.

You have it and you can manage every situation. It creates your level in society. It determines how people look at you.

It also helps to judge your character. When you handle money well, more comes on your way.

It is not the cause of all evil, but it is a cause of most of the movement.


Samay or time, healer of many unfortunate, accidents, misdoings, mistakes, errors even disasters.

With time every pain dilutes and life balances itself to calm and forgiveness.